Global Warranty

Global Asset Protection: Claim Submission

Claim Details

Your Policy Number is found on your GAP Insurance Certificate. If you do not have this, please contact Global Warranty or your selling dealership.

Vehicle Information

Customer Information

Mandatory Supporting Documents Required to Complete Your Claim

For each loss, You must provide the following documents and any other additional information Global Warranty may request.

  1. Verification of the primary insurance deductible and Date of Loss REQUIRED
  1. A copy of the original bill of sale, a copy of the primary insurance settlement worksheet and a copy of the payment or cheque made to You REQUIRED
  1. Verification of any other insurance or any other type of recoverables (including sale of salvage)
  1. Verification of any other refundable amounts
  1. A copy of the police report, in the case of an Unrecovered Theft
  1. Copy of your Financing Contract including Your name and address, account number, amount borrowed, interest rate, payment amount, Financing Contract history and calculation of Unpaid Net Balance amount REQUIRED
  1. A signed copy of your Global Asset Protection Insurance Certificate (if you do not have this certificate, please contact your dealer) REQUIRED
  1. In the case of a Customer Loyalty Credit, you must provide Us with a bill of sale for the purchase of the replacement vehicle within 150 days of the payment of the Primary Insurer’s settlement for the Covered Vehicle
  1. Copy of payment to Authorized Rental Car Agency, if you have car rental claim